Interested in becoming an Access Site?

Help complete the circle of patient care. Despite the proper diagnosis and the most well-intended treatment plan, many patients will never get well because they simply can’t afford prescription care. The Dispensary of Hope provides clinics and pharmacies with an onsite inventory of medication to assist with the wellness of each patient. Access sites are not-for-profit organizations that are licensed to dispense medication directly to patients. These partners include federally-qualified health centers, free clinics, charitable pharmacies, and outpatient pharmacies.

Please consider joining our network of access sites. Beginning the process is easy:

“This is a win, win win proposition. It brings desperately needed medications to the underserved; it allows doctors to proactively assist those in need; it keeps dangerous medication out of landfills and water; and it brings our local community together in a meaningful way.”

- Bill Hoey VP, Mission Services St. Vincent’s Health Services – Bridgeport

“Providing discharge medication to uninsured patients through the Dispensary of Hope is the best way to shorten a patient’s length of stay in the hospital. When using the Dispensary of Hope, we are helping save the patient and the hospital money, which is a win for all involved.”

- Carrie-Ann Hogan, Pharmacist Baptist Memorial Hospital – Walnut Grove Pharmacy