It’s estimated that more than $10 billion dollars in surplus medication is destroyed each year throughout the pharmaceutical supply-chain.

Meanwhile, millions of uninsured Americans still cannot access the medications they need. Distributors understand first-hand the relationship between slow moving products and costs for themselves and their trading partners. Distributors across the US are joining the movement to prevent medication waste by working with their partners to donate their product to the Dispensary of Hope for distribution to charitable clinics and pharmacies. Many partners are donating first-line product as a way to further their commitment to corporate social responsibility and expanding medication access to the poor and uninsured.

We make it Safe, Easy, and Rewarding for Distributors to donate.


• Dispensary of Hope Assurance Package
• Approved by boards of pharmacy in every state we operate.
• Track and trace compliant under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.
• Member of HDA and AAM.
• Winner of the 2010 Social Innovation Award for Supply Chain Innovation.


• Establish Dispensary of Hope as an Authorized Trading Partner, then simply provide us with your list of available products, receive our purchase order request, ship, and repeat.
• We provide an itemized receipt for all donated products.


• Maximize tax deductions for donated products.
• Decrease destruction costs for products that would expire.
• Reduce your environmental impact.
• Provide urgently needed medications to patients who would otherwise be without.


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