Josh Kravitz

Chief Operations Officer

Josh Kravitz, MA is the Chief Operations Officer of The Dispensary of Hope – the nation’s only fully-licensed, charitable, medication distributor that works across the entire spectrum of health care distributing medications from manufacturers, distributors, and providers to charitable clinics and pharmacies serving the poor and uninsured.

As a nonprofit leader who crafts client-centered businesses with collaborative teams to grow global brands known for efficiency and quality, Josh has served in senior positions in the for-profit and non-profit industries including as Executive Director of Cleveland-based MedWish International and Chief Operating Officer of the nationally recognized aid organization, MedShare.  He has led groundbreaking initiatives such as developing a sustainable business model for medical aid team stores now used around the US and managing the formation of the MedSurplus Network, the first national association of Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs).

Josh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society from American University in Washington, DC and a Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition from Arizona State University. He now lives in Nashville and draws perspective from a winding journey living all over the US as well as London and Havana.

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